5 Reasons To Wear Eco-friendly T-shirts

What’s that one thing that we all use every day?


You may not realize this, but, plastics. From plastic water bottles( single-use or not), buckets, dishware, toys, drinking cups, food wraps, garden hose, and even plumbing pipes. We have and use plastics in our environment every single day.

So, we can all agree that plastics make up most of what we use every day and we should know that these materials were made to last because they are made of various stabilizers to prevent fast degradation.

 Bearing in mind that plastics are useful and are built to last, they usually take their time to degrade and break up when they are disposed of. This formerly important quality becomes a potential hazard after disposal as toxic chemicals may be released by these plastic materials into the surrounding soil and water resources and ultimately as part of the ecosystem. This explains why some countries and states have outrightly banned plastic use or imposed fines on their usage e.g., California, Hawaii, France, Kenya, and Rwanda; while most countries actively propagate the recycling of plastics.


Recycling unused plastics to more useful products e.g., new bottles and containers, picture frames and even clothing solves the problem of what happens to the plastics after its useful lifespan. These clothing from a former plastic product are termed eco-friendly, and in addition to what we have discussed, these are some reasons why we should wear these clothes.


           They reduce toxic waste

Apart from the impact made by recycling and protecting ourselves from the potential hazards of plastics after disposal, it is observed that for our Cotton manufactured clothing, different types of clothing dyes and chemicals are used. These chemicals are usually made with harmful volatile organic products. However, with eco-friendly shirts, these are not needed, therefore ensuring we reduce unwanted products from our environment gradually.


          They ensure the protection of animals

Most of our clothes are gotten after killing animals whose fur or leather we need. One of the best alternatives to protect and preserve our animal population is through wearing eco-friendly garments that would not have to harm animals.

They are unique and fashionable

These clothes are not the mainstream everyday clothes we are familiar with, so they provide us with excellent designs and would ensure we look unique and trendy.


They are suitable for sensitive skin

Many people react significantly to the chemical dyes mentioned earlier, our eco-friendly shirts are great because they do not have these dyes and are considered safe.


They have a positive impact on the planet

A lot of efforts and materials are needed for what we would call regular clothing e.g., those from Cotton; from the use of pesticides during their cultivation to the Cotton itself. These clothing materials are, however, fast depleting. The only way to keep up would be through harmful practices like using more pesticides to protect cotton plants or killing more animals than before to produce leather and wool materials. It is imperative to note that our planet deserves better than this, and wearing eco-friendly T-shirts would be better overall.


At ECO T-shirts, we aim to improve the environment by producing eco-friendly shirts of all sizes, colors, and designs. Plus, our ink is made from 100% vegetable oil with no petroleum solvents or mineral oils, This eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds released into the atmosphere during all stages of the lifespan of the ink... We are also committed to cleaning up to 1lb of marine debris with every purchase, and we actively participate and support local cleaning efforts. Let’s always remember to protect our planet in the best ways; reuse, reduce, recycle

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