How are T-Shirt made out of plastic water bottles?

How are T-Shirt made out of plastic water bottles?

Is it possible to have T-shirts made from recycled water bottles? Yes, although it might sound uncommon and tough to achieve, it is possible to create fabric from plastic bottles. It’s all about using the right system to transform plastic into fabric. It’s definitely something unbelievable at first, but as you learn more about the process, you will see how all of this gets made seamlessly and with great results.

Does it make sense to create recycled fabrics instead of new ones?

Yes, recycled fabrics are actually perfect for the environment. You finally get the unique opportunity to protect the environment, and by doing this, you will not have to worry about consuming a lot of power either. Yes, every recycling plant consumes energy to transform plastic into the fabric, for example. However, the natural fabric production process is a lot more energy-consuming.

Plus, being able to actively protect the environment and turn something that would otherwise be trash into new material is a fantastic idea. Thankfully we have the unique opportunity to turn all of this into an eco-friendly t-shirt with a rather simple process.

Virgin polyester is created from a combination of ethylene, coal, and a ton of water, these are combined in a chemical reaction under a lot of heat. That process uses a lot of natural resources as you can imagine. You will need petroleum and coal to create virgin polyester. So even if it doesn’t make sense at first, the harm caused to the planet is clearly very questionable, and you have to address the situation the best way that you possibly can. With that in mind, it’s an excellent idea to find an alternative way to recycle materials and not have to go through this demanding process every time.

How are T-shirts made from recycled water bottles?

A lot of people don’t realize that recycled plastic can be used for a lot of things. Yes, it’s straightforward to throw all the plastic water bottles in the dumpster. But the reality is that with the right approach and proper sorting, you will be able to sift through the water bottles and make sure everything is handled with the maximum accuracy and attention.

And that’s why having a t-shirt made from recycled water bottles is actually a great idea. You already use readily available materials, so there’s not that much harm to the environment in this situation.


So how does the process work? It’s actually quite easy to understand. The plastic bottles are collected at the landfill, and then they are shredded into flakes. To do that, the manufacturer will use a machine which usually runs on renewable energy. Then, After the bottles are shredded, the resulting chips are melted down into pellets. Those are extruded into yarn. Once you have a thread from those flakes, the yarn is knitted. At this point, the manufacturer will work with it, just like any other piece of apparel. It will be sewn into clothing, and that’s it. A new eco T-shirt is about to born.


How many bottles does it take to create such am ECO t-shirt?

That depends on what bottles you are using, but for the most part, you will need around 8-9 bottles to make a shirt. Here at eco- t-shirt, we use approximately 4 recycled water bottles to create a t-shirt because we combine recycled poly with organic cotton. It’s interesting to see that all these T-shirts made from recycled water bottles are environmentally safe. Depending on the manufacturer, most of these are also GRS certified, which is quite a significant achievement.

There’s a lot of plastic on our planet, and only 9% of it ends up recycled nowadays. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to find new ways for us to use plastic in a more meaningful and reliable manner. Having T-shirts made from recycled water bottles might seem strange at first, but it can become the future. We have to rely on resources and items we already have, and creating t-shirts from recycled materials definitely helps a bunch.

Is it safe to create t-shirts this way?

Yes, the process is very safe, and it’s fully automated once the plastic bottles are collected and added to the machine.

Plastic can’t be shredded manually, so you have to rely on a device to do that on its own. Since this equipment runs on renewable energy, you don’t need to worry about any issues or problems that can arise at times. Instead, the entire system is seamlessly built with a focus on quality and security. It works very well, and it’s one of the top quality systems for recycling items and reusing them in a way that we really need it.


Buying T-shirts made from recycled water bottles is a great way to promote and support this up and coming industry. It might not feel like much at first, but recycling even some of the plastic on our planet can make quite the difference. It’s an extraordinary opportunity and one of the top ways for us to reuse some of the materials that are already out there. Yes, wearing T-shirts made from recycled water bottles might seem uncommon. But it can become the norm, and it’s a novelty approach to handling shirt creation. It’s distinctive, powerful, and really pushes the boundaries in ways you would not imagine before. This is one of those things that it can be hard to believe, but now, just imagine would not be great if we finally have the opportunity to reuse the plastic waste in whatever way that we can.

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