The Importance Of Organic Cotton On T-Shirts

The Importance Of Organic Cotton On T-Shirts

The Importance Of Sustainable Cotton On T-Shirts

Cotton has been used for so many things, including the production of clothes. No doubt, cotton clothes turn out fine and are worn by millions of people all over the world, if not the entire population.

29 million tons of Cotton are produced a year. 

Safe farming practices need to be cultivated to ensure that the Cotton used for the production of clothes are healthy. ECO-Tshirts we believe in using sustainable Organic Cotton on clothes, and this is precisely why we use them on our t-shirts. But Why sustainable Cotton, anyway?


Sustainable Organic Cotton

With the increase in the demand for Cotton, more and more cotton companies are springing up. But while the demand for Cotton is increasing, so also is its impact on society. This is why we need to practice sustainable methods to produce out t-shirts.

Sustainable Organic Cotton is cotton that is grown with a conscious attempt to reduce the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and less water. Growing this sustainable Cotton also means practicing fair work ethics and safe farming methods that are manageable and achievable.

 Growing sustainable Organic Cotton involves growing Cotton while altogether avoiding the use of harmful chemical pesticides, which could have detrimental effects on humans and the environment as a whole.

 Farmers growing the Cotton instead use eco-friendly and ecological processes to keep the soil healthy and also keep pests in control.


Why We Use Sustainable Organic Cotton On Our T-shirts

The importance of using sustainable Organic Cotton in the production of clothes can indeed not be overemphasized. We acknowledge the importance and benefits of using sustainable Cotton, and this is why we use it to produce our t-shirts.

 As mentioned earlier, Organic Cotton is not only beneficial to human health but the society and environment at large.

Here are the reasons we use sustainable Cotton on our t-shirts:


Environment Reasons:

Growing sustainable Cotton is very beneficial to the environment in the sense that it benefits the topsoil and helps for the general health of the soil. Also, as less water and chemicals are used during planting, it reduces the pollution of waterways.


It takes 10,000 liters of water to produce 1 kilo of Cotton, meaning it takes about 2,700 liters to make 1 cotton t-shirt. When you buy clothing, you, therefore “use” water from wherever the Cotton was produced. 


Social And Economic Reasons:

Growing sustainable Cotton is cheaper for farmers, and they can save up a lot of income by practicing sustainable cotton farming. There is also high crop diversity for farmers due to crop rotation and the different cotton groups which the farmers belong to offer help and support to them. 

Consumer Reasons:

 Wearing our t-shirts made from Organic Cotton is healthier because you can rest assured that there will be no pesticides or herbicides residue. It also increases trust among consumers as they are sure sustainable Cotton is simply the best option to help the planet little by little.

 With this been said, you can understand why using sustainable Cotton in the production of clothes its the way to go.

 At ECO-Tshirts, we believe in the health and satisfaction of all our customers. This is why we go out of our way to ensure that we use only sustainable and eco-friendly Cotton to produce our t-shirts.

 We have created an extensive collection of cool t-shirts for you to choose from. Our t-shirts are made from 50% sustainable cotton and 50% recycled polyester fibers from recycled water bottles.

 Join hands with us and protect our planet one t-shirt at a time by getting our eco-friendly t-shirts today!


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