Three Reasons to Choose Sustainable Fabrics when Getting Dressed

As human beings, we’ve come a long way in approaching how we dress ourselves. From earliest Homo sapiens in their pelt loincloth to today, we’ve evolved significantly in the way we clothe ourselves. Fortunately, these days, more and more people are choosing to reach for sustainable fabrics when making a clothing purchase. While eco-conscious materials are definitely an ideal choice for making garments, there still tends to be a bit of confusion as to why we here at Eco T-Shirts are proud to offer environmentally conscious products to our customers. To help shed light on this pressing issue -- and to better explain why we do what we do -- we want to take a moment to explain the three key reasons why sustainable fabrics are vastly superior to conventional materials in clothing manufacturing.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The fashion industry is one of the worst offenders for pollution. A recent study found that it was responsible for over 1,715 million tons of CO2 emissions. What does this mean for you? Carbon dioxide is one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. If we continue to destroy our atmosphere with these CO2 gases, we are contributing to the ever-increasing climate change crisis. By choosing sustainability, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint, contributing to a healthier planet overall.

Stop Pollution of Our Water

With over 70 percent of the earth being made of water, you might think that this fluid can be taken for granted. That is a very dangerous misconception to hold. The fact is, less than 1 percent of all water on the planet is safe to drink. Water is a rare and precious commodity, and it’s our duty to help preserve it. Not only does the textile industry blow through some 25 billion gallons of water in just one year, they are also responsible for 20 percent of all water pollution, too. Sustainable fabrics, on the other hand, can help offer a viable alternative to the devastating effects of this industry.

Keep Clothes out of Landfills

The fast fashion industry promotes a buy-buy-buy mentality. They churn out cheap, poorly made items that are expected to be worn only a handful of times before they’re thrown out. Our landfills receive over 10.5 million tons of textile waste each year. These landfills, in turn, give off toxic byproducts that can also further poison our groundwater and emit powerful greenhouse gases that will lead to climate change.

By resisting the urge to contribute to this wasteful industry, you can help generate vital change. This is the only planet we have, and it’s on us protect it. To learn more about the eco-aware products that we offer, please feel free to browse our online storefront. Or, if you have any questions for us, drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you!
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